It’s Time To Pray!

Dear Reader,

We all see things happening around us that don’t make sense. In fact, they are completely irrational! However, we are not to be caught up in this hysteria. It is time to pray! This is the moment we should repent, seek the face of God, and ask for His mercies to stop this virus and the panic that is putting our nation and its people in jeopardy! It is foolish to attempt to blame this person or that nation for the problem. People didn’t create this virus nor have they created colds or the flu. Blaming others will never resolve the matter. If anything, it will only serve to anger groups of people with different points of view. It’s time to recognize the need for prayer and unity seeking an answer to this disease. It is important to understand we are better together than apart. Let’s be a part of the solution. Let’s Pray!

Father God have mercy upon us we pray. Forgive our sins of hatred and indifference and restore unity to this nation once again we humbly ask! Give the men and women who are working to resolve this deadly disease great wisdom as you have done so many times in the past! This we pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen!

Please join in intercession as we fight this battle in pray while others are combating this virus first hand!