Living in the Present!

How many times do we spend our moments looking for that next big adventure or regretting the things of the past? I would suspect we do this far to often. Our energy is spent worrying about things that have already happened. Or, we are hoping for that next glorious move of God without considering the very moment we are living in. Our Lord instructs us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness in Matthew 6:33 and then in the next verse He tells us not to dwell on the issues tomorrow may bring. Why? He gave the answer to this question by telling us that today will have enough problems to deal with.

The fact is, we are only speculating when our thoughts are filled with tomorrows. We aren’t promised tomorrow! We only have this moment. The past we can deal with by taking all of it to the Cross of Jesus Christ! There at the Cross our sins are washed away in the depths of the eternal love of God. If we have been forgiven, then the past is over. “I am a new creation in Christ Jesus…” Jesus makes all things new that means me and you! If we choose to dwell in the past our hearts become overcharged with grief and regrets. Joy is lost because we can’t see the glory of the Great Gift of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

What about tomorrow? Our tomorrows have been marked out by God Himself! We are secure in His unfailing Love. I need not fret about what may happen. It is important, as well, not to try and live in the hope of the next great thing that’s coming since tomorrow hasn’t arrived. This doesn’t mean we don’t plan for what we believe God is saying. However, our planning should be in line with our Lord’s command to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Frankly, if we choose to dwell in the past, or live hoping only in the future, we are missing out on life in the present! God needs us to be present examples, with present faith, presently waiting for the Promise of God to be fulfilled. Present faith responds to the present Word of God today with the assurance that tomorrow is already taken care of. Present faith acts upon the Word that is presently before us. This eliminates speculations and lofty thoughts. It could be that we are missing out on the next great movement because we aren’t living in the present moment we are given. Your life could very well be that spark! Sparks are live embers! They are flames in the making now! Sparks aren’t future, neither are they past events! They are present moments! Right now embers.

So why not live today with the Present Word of God, the Present Spark of Life. Why not begin with a grateful heart for what our Heavenly Father is doing right now? You may be surprised where this will lead!


Robert L. MartinĀ  01/04/18