Heaven’s Great Star!

Heaven’s Great Star

We remember the star that shone for the King

Of whom the heavenly hosts and angels did sing

He came to the earth as a little child

Meek and lowly, gentle and mild

He was sent from the Father in heaven above

to declare the wonder of God’s great Love

Heaven’s Great Star, God’s Holy Light

Brought Light to the world to bring an end to our night

Come behold Heaven’s Great Star

Come and worship just as you are

For Hope Eternal was given that day

When God sent His Son to lighten our way

Heaven’s Great Star is Christ Jesus The King

Of whom the hosts of heaven still sing

He came to turn your darkness to day

Yes, He is the Truth the Life and the Way

Rejoice in Him now all ye children below

In Heaven’s Great Star who came long ago

For He will soon come again to call us away

To behold Him forever in that endless day

Rejoice again with Holy Delight

For Heaven’s Great Star Reigns in Glory and Might

Hallelujah Hallelujah our Savior came

Hallelujah Heaven’s Great Star is Coming Again


Blessings to all this wonderful Christmas Season,