It’s Time To Pray!

Dear Reader, We all see things happening around us that don’t make sense. In fact, they are completely irrational! However, we are not to be caught up in this hysteria. It is time to pray! This is the moment we should repent, seek the face of God, and ask for His mercies to stop this […]

Resurrection Day!

Resurrection Day The day had come the time was set our Lord gave His life away Though no one knew what God had done, nor the plans He had in place Jesus Christ bore our sins upon the cross and there all our debts were paid Now the host of evil thought they had won […]

Living in the Present!

How many times do we spend our moments looking for that next big adventure or regretting the things of the past? I would suspect we do this far to often. Our energy is spent worrying about things that have already happened. Or, we are hoping for that next glorious move of God without considering the […]

Heaven’s Great Star!

Heaven’s Great Star We remember the star that shone for the King Of whom the heavenly hosts and angels did sing He came to the earth as a little child Meek and lowly, gentle and mild He was sent from the Father in heaven above to declare the wonder of God’s great Love Heaven’s Great […]